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Blackjack Rules:


Blackjack is one of the most popular casino card games played by thousand of people in different live casinos and can also be played online. The blackjack game is played against the dealer not against other players on the casino table. Therefore, the main goal of the player playing the blackjack game is to get a hand on cards having more value than the value of cards held by the dealer, but value of cards shouldn’t be higher then twenty one. As per the rules of Blackjack if a player gets more then twenty one that means he is bust and eliminated from the game. So, in order to calculate the value of the blackjack hand one has to add together all the values of cards, that he. Different cards like Kings, Queens and Jacks in the game holds the value of ten points, whereas Aces are worth one point or sometimes eleven points, as per the decision based on what serves the players better. Cards having numbers from two till ten holds the worth as per their numbers, like two holds the value of two points. A two card hand holding value of twenty one is considered to be the best hand in the blackjack game. Normally these two cards contain one Ace and one any other card having worth of ten points.

A blackjack game starts with the betting from players. As per the rules of the game, players need to place the bet before dealing the cards. After the betting, dealers are allowed to deal the cards. Both player and dealer get two cards, but the difference is that player gets two cards facing up on the table whereas, dealer receives cards one facing up and one facing down on the table of blackjack. On the basis of received cards by the player and one exposed card of the dealer the player can take the decision whether to hit or stand in the game. If the player decides to hit, as per the rules the dealer deals an additional card to the player to increase the value of their hand. Whereas, if the players hand is low to win the game then its better to hit, but if the player exceeds twenty one then he looses and is out of the game. Therefore, the player needs to be careful while selecting to hit. On the other hand if the player has a high hand to win then its better to take the stand and in that case the dealer has to show one of his hidden card. If the value of dealer’s two cards is less then sixteen then he should hit. Therefore, if the player’s hand is higher then the dealer’s hand and the dealers hand is exceeding twenty one, it indicates the win of the player and he get paid 1:1 and if the player gets twenty one points exactly he gets paid at a ratio of 3:2.

Other then these basic rules of the blackjack game users can also learn some other advanced rules of the games like doubling down, in which players get an opportunity to double the bet. As per the rules for splitting blackjack, the player has to split initially received two cards in hand into two different hands. Having knowledge regarding these advanced rules of blackjack one can make a better game strategy to win.